Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine Announces The Coatings Issue

JUPITER, FL–May 2, 2013–With its third publication of 2013, Spray Foam Insulation & Roofing Magazine (SFIRM) brings readers The Coatings Issue. SFIRM’s May/June 2013 edition is currently live on the magazine’s globally accessible web and mobile app platforms.

“The Coatings Issue takes a specific focus on the relationship SPF insulation and roofing applications have with various coatings,” said Ryan Spencer, SFIRM’s Editor-in-Chief. “Additionally, we show applications that extend beyond the SPF industry, but are still relevant to spray applicators.”

In addition to coatings-centric articles, the May/June 2013 also features established spray foam departments like SPF equipment and roofing.


Highlights from the May/June 2013 Issue

  • Dayton’s tallest building gets a polyurea roof
  • The usage of thermal and ignition barriers
  • Quick turnaround for a polyurea containment job
  • The new SprayBot manages overspray even better
  • Spray foam saves a huge leaky roof in Michigan
  • A temple’s building envelope is insulated with SPF
  • Three schools of thought on website design